Temporal Lobe


Auditory and visual perception, emotion, short term memory

The temporal lobes are involved in the following functions; auditory perception, memory, speech, emotional response, and visual perception. The temporal lobe includes the olfactory cortex, the amygdale and the hippocampus. The temporal lobe is crucial in creating and comprehending speech.
The right side of the temporal lobe perceives emotional and melodic auditory signals. It also recalls and stores emotional and visual memories.
The left side of the temporal lobe perceives non emotional language functions. When reading and speaking the left side becomes highly active. Reading aloud creates more activity than reading silently in the left temporal.
Temporal lobes seizures may be related to some of these temporal lobe functions: emotion, fight or flight reactions, and short term memories. Symptoms of one of these seizures may include odd feelings of euphoria, fear, panic, and déjà vu. During a temporal lobe seizure patients may be completely unresponsive while still looking awake, or partially conscious. They may also make repetitive movements of lips and hands.
Some have even come to believe that these strange fits of euphoria and déjà vu felt during a temporal lobe seizure are actually the works of God. For more information on the theory visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsGTocvdW6E or http://wireheading.com/brainstim/godbrain.html

Your perception of what this photos is capturing is a way of using your temporal lobe