Parietal Lobe
  • Sensory Functions and their perceptions
    • o Receive and process information
    • Understanding of the whole (combination of perceptions and senses)
    • Voluntary Movement with a goal
    • Movement and Manipulation of objects
  • Singular Focus
  • Anomia (Inability to name an object)
  • Agraphia (Inability to locate the words for writing
  • Alexia (Difficulties reading)
  • Difficulty Drawing objects
  • Dyscalculla (Difficulty in Math)
  • Unaware of Self and Surroundings
  • Inability to focus
  • Uncoordinated
The Parietal Lobe is split up into two sections, one collecting information and the other organizing, Integrating, and storing it. Any damage to these lobes can cause severe damage and problems.

Just remember, If you have problems doing math, blame your Right Parietal Lobe :D