Cerebral Cortex
The cerebral cortex is often referred to as the gray matter. The reason it would be gray is because the nerves in this area lack the insulation that makes the other parts of our brain appear white. It covers the outer portion of the cerebrum and cerebellum; it is measured out to be 1.5mm to 5mm. The part that covers the cerebrum would be the cerebral cortex.

The cerebral cortex has folded bulges which are called gyri, which creates deep furrows called sulci. The folds add to the surface area and increase the amount of gray area and the amount of information a person can process.

This cortex is divided into the right and left hemispheres; it takes of about two-thirds of the brains mass and covers most of the structures of our brain. This is the most developed part of the brain and it is responsible for thinking, perceiving, producing, and understanding language. Most of our processing takes place in the cerebral cortex. For example the left hemisphere is where our understanding of language comes from.